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Chaithanya Art Gallery curated over many exhibitions and has established itself as one of the best and reliable sources for classic works of art by both distinguished and up coming artists. Chaithanya Art Gallery counts its mission as the absorption and manifestation of the refined spirit of the ancient wisdom. To cruise through the present while keeping the infinite future as its consistent target is the intention of Chaithanya art gallery. Our collections reflect a peculiar blend of the established and the daringly new trends in painting and other concerned versions of art.
It’s high time that we rejected the conservatism in art. Indian contemporary art has acquired a new status. Materialism, urbanisation, globalization and every new wave has turned out to be the subject matter for Contemporary Indian Art. It even speaks of the artist’s inner struggles and sufferings. Chaithanya Art Gallery strives to bring you the best of contemporary Indian art.

Be it painting, dance, sculpture or drama… art is an exposition of an experience that transcends all barriers of reasoning and reality. “Chaithanya” is the eternal dormant energy inherent in all momentary concepts. A true artist is a creator who integrate the transient forms of matter to make the recipients feel that unique “Chaithanya”. He establishes a total blissful communication with the past and future, from the present. Chaithanya Art Gallery has been investing in all possible endeavours to bring to lime light, the works of all artists, regardless of whether he or she belongs to the fully blossomed or budding category. “Being gifted” is our only criterion.

Chaithanya Art Gallery is literally rich with an extensive collection of art works from around the country. We also’ve artist profiles of several hundreds of artists, new features and art news.We’re concerned about the inevitability to make high quality, singular genuine works of art available and accessible to the true lovers of art. Chaithanya Art Gallery is very particular that the excited rise in prices and the lack of availability of good quality original works in the art market shouldn’t turn an obstacle to your pure and intense love for art. We prize our clients’ interest. So we assist our clients in India and overseas, with an online order facility. We, the Chaithanya Art Gallery offer you a golden oppurtunity to make those priceless works of art yours, through online. Chaithanya Art Gallery undertakes sincerely, the enrichment of public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Indian modern and contemporary art. Chaithanya Art Gallery aims at bringing the works to the audience beyond the gallery through the online medium. In short, we function as a facilitating zone to the earnest sellers and buyers of art. Chaithanya hopes that the elite devotees of art’ll realize its intentions and offer their unwavering support in its legendary growth from moment to moment.



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